Investor Assistance

Burkina Faso has adopted several measures to strengthen the legal security of investors and their investments in accordance with international standards and standards. Thus, the business environment of Burkina Faso presents an accessible and attractive legal and institutional framework. Nevertheless, the investment decision remains a complex process that requires the intervention of experts who, thanks to their advice and expertise, make this process less dangerous. We offer various support services to foreign and domestic investors for a successful intervention or implementation in Burkina Faso. With a decade of experience in the field, we have designed an à la carte service package that meets all investor service needs: </ p>

  • Information and guidance on the investment process; </ li>
  • Creation of branch or subsidiary; </ li>
  • Administrative representation; </ li>
  • Realization of studies (economic feasibility, market studies,); </ li>
  • Advice and tax and social assistance; </ li>
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  • Advice and technical assistance; </ li>
  • Mounting of tax favor request file; </ li>
  • Installation of application file of technical approvals; </ li>
  • Advice Mobilization (Lawyers, Bailiffs, Interpreters, Notaries) </ li>
  • Welcome and installation assistance </ li>
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