Support - Advice: Taxation & Management

Enterprise management involves multiple and varied skills that include, among other things, strategy, organization, monitoring, risk management, finance, taxation, accounting, marketing, business development, etc. Complementarity of skills within a company is one of the success factors of the company. It is therefore essential to surround yourself well. The purpose of the advisory assistance mission is to build together with the client concrete and coherent answers to tax and global management issues. At SAM Conseils, we offer tailor-made services:

  • Watch and information on tax news;
  • Tax review of draft contract and contracts;
  • Installation and follow-up of tax exemption file;
  • Permanent tax and social assistance;
  • Assistance in the preparation of annual tax packages;
  • Assistance with audit procedures, tax litigation and tax collection, duties and taxes;
  • Studies, audit and various tax consultations.
  • General administrative assistance;
  • Establishment of accounting and tax organization;
  • Development of procedures manual;
  • Personnel management and payroll;
  • Implementation of management control procedures;;
  • Activity monitoring and monitoring;
  • Company evaluation, monitoring and monitoring-evaluation;
  • Identification and formulation of development project;
  • Realization of business diagnosis;
  • Investment consulting, diversification and international development.

Our approach is intended to be integrated, participative and collaborative with the General Management and all the other services directly involved in the cycle of collection, transmission, processing and management of administrative, accounting, financial and tax information.

SAM Conseils has instituted a charter of excellence in four (4) points:

  • (i) quality of services,
  • (ii) respect of contractual and legal deadlines,
  • (iii) obedience to ethical rules,
  • (iv) respect for business secrecy.