We are pleased to bring to the attention of business leaders that the Cabinet SAM Conseils organizes a training seminar on the theme: “VAT, the stakes of the new tax measures applicable in 2017: Standardized invoice, new deduction system and refund of VAT credit” to be held in Ouagadougou from March 1st to 3rd, 2017 in ROYAL BEACH HOTEL.

Global objective of the training

The general objective of this seminar is to equip the participants for the application of the new provisions concerning the management of standard invoices, the deduction or the full reimbursement of the VAT supported.

Training content

Module 1: Update of knowledge on the basic provisions of VAT:
– Principles and scope
– Generating event and payment
– Deductions and exemptions scheme

Module 2: Standard Invoice Management:

– Standardized invoice editing procedure;
– Authenticity, Principle and method of use of standard invoices;
– Issues in using standard invoices: benefits and costs;

Module 3: VAT Credit Refund

– Conditions of form and substance of the refund of VAT;
– Component documents and instruction of refund claim files;
– VAT reimbursement method.

Target audiences

This seminar is addressed to:
– Business owners ;
– Directors and Chief Financial and Accounting Officers of companies;
– Accountants and Corporate Tax Officers;
– Association and NGO leaders;
– Personnel in the accounting and tax departments of mining companies, associations and exporting companies;
– Interested persons.

Contacts for information, reservation and registration
Landline phone: +226 25 33 28 78
Mobile numbers:
Ms. TRAORE Salimata: 78 84 97 06/72 31 20 56
Mr SAMBA Boniface: 70 52 70 71/78 30 91 18