Paternary of Excellence!

SAM Conseils is an African trust company with Burkinabè law. Our job is business management and development consulting


The primary role of a board is to appreciate a situation and make a well-reasoned recommendation to guide the client. From then on, we know how to listen actively, attentively and finely, both with empathy and pragmatism, to the needs expressed by the client.

The diagnosis is a precise and complete photocopy of part or all of the company. Thus, we use and decode with clarity and rigor all the information and data provided by the customer to accurately answer the question “how” is his organization. The analysis, it includes a phase of reformulation of the problem. Virtually, in all objectivity, we identify the subject from several angles in order to understand the “why” of the situation.

We, by our neutrality, our independence and our vision distanced from the company, we bring the necessary distance to the leader to act and decide

We support our clients in the realization of their ideas, their vision and the implementation of their corporate strategy.

Our goal

Our mission is to facilitate the creation and development of business in Africa

Our vision

Our vision is to be a key technical partner to business development in Africa.

Our values

Integrity and ethics
The commitment to excellence
The culture of innovation and change

Our approach

  • Listen
  • Analyze
  • Advisor
  • Accompany

Charter of Excellence (Q3R)

  • Quality of services
  • Compliance with contractual and legal deadlines
  • Strict compliance with ethical rules
  • Respect of professional secrecy